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Does the air in your home feel stuffy? Do you notice that when you’re indoors you sneeze, cough or have problems breathing? Poor air quality can cause a host of health issues and trigger allergies and asthma flare ups, just to name a few.

It is important to keep the air flowing through your vents free of contaminants which could harm your family’s health. Modern heating and air conditioning units, including all-in-one packaged units contain filters which trap pollutants before they make it through your vents, if that filter is dirty, the air that passes through it into your home will be, too. Penticton’s premier HVAC company, Guardian Heating & Air Conditioning, will perform an air quality test during our Home Comfort Analysis to determine how polluted the air that comes into your home is.

Why should you have your home’s air inspected by us?

Air ducts, over time, can become contaminated with smoke residue, mold and large deposits of bacteria due to moisture. In some cases, prolonged exposure to microbes and other biological pollutants can cause severe illness.

We will work with you to make your home’s air as clean as it can be, so you and your family can breathe easier.

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